lift for when you really need it...
lift for when you really need it...

the Static+ Air lift kit

the Static+ airlift kit was born and developed for 1 reason - to allow flexibilty and practicality to lowered vehicles


The kit contains  2 x modules, and all metal 6mm pushfit elbows. to this you will need to add an air managment setup of your choice, please read more about this in the downloads section


we also provide a basic fitting kit that contains 7m airline, fittings, Schrader “in” valve, panel mountable release valve, gauge to monitor system pressure and suitable lubricant, we offer this separate as many of you create your own set-up or already have the parts


To determine whether you can run static+ you will need to measure the diameter of your coilovers shafts, most McPherson type arrangements are 20mm, some, particularly BMW fitment are mostly 22mm, a lot of Japanese fitments are anywhere from 12-18mm


also max sure your coilovers spring diameter is not more than 90mm (this is the diameter of the recess that the spring fits into) you cannot use springs with a bigger diameter or "pigtailed" type springs


Kits are sold per axle. Be aware we can only cater for 20mm, 22mm and 12.5mm fitments as these are the most popular, we may be able to do custom sizes at request and a few weeks lead time


You also need to be aware that the module is 22mm thick when deflated and this space will be taken up on the shaft. When considering extra height because of the units remember that you can remove the helper if you want to compensate, or wind down the spring perches if you have travel left, also in a lot of cases the modules replace the small aluminium “top hat” that locates the spring at the top so most times is negligible


please read the following attachments for more info

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